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Stupidity undermines democracy

October 27, 2008

The problem with democracy is that the vote of a stupid person is worth the same as an intelligent person’s vote. While I believe stupid people have the right to choose their representatives, they generally misdiagnose the issues and end up voting against their interests.

Witness George Bush.

Human stupidity exists across the political spectrum, but I am inclined to believe it particularly afflicts the right. It is one of the biggest problems we face as a species. We are all stupid sometimes. I am particularly stupid before I have had my morning espresso, but we really should be trying to root it out.

The answer, of course, is not to allow a self-appointed intellectual elite to rule us. Highly intelligent people can act stupidly as well. We need to foster an intelligent, enquiring society where people are encouraged to ask questions, and provided with clear answers.

I know some one who claims there is no such think as a stupid person – only a misinformed one.

I beg to differ.

Stupidity is not really about intellectual ability. I think very often it’s a political choice, and it’s linked to prejudice. Rather than thinking through issues and allowing themselves to be challenged many people prefer to switch their brains off and have the prejudices confirmed.

America seems to have a particular problem with this: I call it Forrest Gumpism – the notion that it is somehow charming and honest to be stupid, and that intelligence is suspect.

Once again, witness George Bush.

(Although maybe the problem isn’t so much America as Christianity. This picture is from the UK:)

But the citizens of Dumbfuckistan appear to be the only people on earth who are not embarrassed by their stupidity and ignorance.

Let’s look at some recent examples of American stupidity:

Firstly, in this video, the general manager of an ethanol plant tells a Guardian journalist that Obama is the antichrist.

To be a plant manager he must have some education. Yet clearly, this man is stupid.

Here is an email that has been doing the rounds in the US:

The Book of Revelations!

This will make you re-think :
How long is the beast allowed to have authority in Revelations?

Guess the Answer?

Revelations Chapter 13 tells us it is 42 months,
and you know what that is?

Almost a four-year term to a Presidency.

All I can say is Lord Have Mercy on us.!!!!!! According to The Book of Revelations The anti-Christ will be a man, in his 40’s, of MUSLIM descent, who will deceive the nations with persuasive language, and have a MASSIVE Christ-like appeal….the prophecy says that people will
flock to him and he will promise false hope and world peace, and when he is in power, will
destroy everything ..

Is it OBAMA?? I STRONGLY URGE each one of you
to repost this as many times as you can! Each opportunity that you have to send it to a friend or media outlet…do it!

I refuse to take a chance on this unknown
candidate who came out of nowhere.

Stupid, stupid, stupid people.

Do I need to spell out the stupidity here? The most glaringly obvious one is the fact that Islam didn’t exist when the Bible was written, so clearly the antichrist can’t be of MUSLIM descent.

Come one, Americans. Explain this to me: how can so many of you be so fucking stupid?

You have no excuse:

If you lived in some isolated place cut off from the outside world and believed everything the witchdoctor said, it would be understandable. But you don’t: you are an advanced Western society with access to education and the Internet. You could fact check anything in minutes.

You should be ashamed.

The American empire is collapsing due to stupidity and hubris. What a disgrace.

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  1. John permalink
    January 23, 2009 8:33 pm

    Obama represents the vote the stupidest among us. He’s a disgrace to the USA. I guess your happy now.

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