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Why an Obama victory is important

October 22, 2008

Despite my misgivings about Obama, it’s important that he wins this election: the imminence of the Eschaton depends on it!

It’s not really about Obama, but about the space that will be opened up by his victory.

I am no great friend of his. He supports Israel, and has picked up endorsements from some pretty dodgy people – Boris Johnson and Colin Powell.

The revolution, or even MLK, he is not.

But let’s look at what he’s up against:

If Obama wins, the niggers will take over“.

Then there’s all the stuff about him being a secret terrorist, a jihadi Manchurian candidate, a communist or the antichrist.

Quite simply, these people need to be politically defeated. Broadly speaking, the people who support Obama are progressives, and if he wins it will open political space for all of us – especially since his message is that it is up to us to change things.

He’s clearly touched a nerve, or perhaps something even deeper: while some Christians think he is the antichrist, he also features quite prominently in New Age eschatology as a representative of the shift we all need to make to prevent the apocalypse happening on 21 December 2012 (when the Mayan calendar ends).

I came across an interesting take on this from someone associated with a Thelemic group called the Horus Maat Lodge.

The global Osirian citadel is still resisting the crossfire assault from
Horus and Maat, it is clear. But the cracks in the wall are obvious now,
and it well might take the collapse of the global economy to move things

They claim that McCain represents Osiris, or the old order that is passing away. Obama represents Horus, who in Egyptian mythology is both the reincarnation and transcendence of his father Osiris.

In a Gnostic sense, Horus represents the Christ consciousness, come to redeem the world from the misguided demiurge who trapped us here.

As we can see by this image, McCain is clearly a reptilian shapeshifter struggling to keep his DNA in human form as the dark plot unravels:

All very interesting, and good fun to look at politics from a psycho-spiritual perspective for a change. With climate change and the credit crunch, it certainly feels like End Times!

Clearly, there is something very interesting happening in human consciousness, and I think Obama’s victory will be significant in many ways.

Watch and pray.

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