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Death to America

March 6, 2008

I totally understand why people march through the streets chanting that. America is so obviously corrupt, so obviously evil, that calling for its destruction feels natural. If Americans want to know why the rest of the world hates their country, it’s not because they’re envious of your fast-evaporating ‘freedoms’. Here’s why:

The U.S. House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed a resolution strongly defending how Israel has repelled rocket attacks.

The non-binding resolution, passed 404-1 on Wednesday, was substantially rewritten since its introduction in January to include a strident defense of recent Israeli tactics in the Gaza Strip.

New passages include one saying that “those responsible for launching rocket attacks against Israel routinely embed their production facilities and launch sites amongst the Palestinian civilian population, utilizing them as human shields” and “the inadvertent inflicting of civilian casualties as a result of defensive military operations aimed at military targets, while deeply regrettable, is not at all morally equivalent to the deliberate targeting of civilian populations as practiced by Hamas and other Gaza-based terrorist groups.”

You can read the full text of the bill – HRES 951 EH – here.

The bill was passed 404 to 1, the one being Ron Paul. Here’s his statement.

Unfortunately, legislation such as this is more likely to perpetuate violence in the Middle East than contribute to its abatement. It is our continued involvement and intervention – particularly when it appears to be one-sided – that reduces the incentive for opposing sides to reach a lasting peace agreement.

There’s a fucking Holocaust happening in Gaza and the House of Representatives is voting to support it. How will history judge America? The nation that went from being a beacon of freedom to being the most destructive force on the planet, all while it’s citizens were too busy watching TV to notice.

Add to this the fact that the US was behind the bloody civil war in Gaza last year. Here is Vanity Fair’s explosive article.

After failing to anticipate Hamas’s victory over Fatah in the 2006 Palestinian election, the White House cooked up yet another scandalously covert and self-defeating Middle East debacle: part Iran-contra, part Bay of Pigs. With confidential documents, corroborated by outraged former and current U.S. officials, David Rose reveals how President Bush, Condoleezza Rice, and Deputy National-Security Adviser Elliott Abrams backed an armed force under Fatah strongman Muhammad Dahlan, touching off a bloody civil war in Gaza and leaving Hamas stronger than ever.

There’s nothing quite like the brutality of a dying empire.

Peak oil, sub prime, good bye.

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