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Of course, ‘the Boers’ don’t do themselves any favours

February 29, 2008

Earlier this week I was complaining about British journalists’ anti-Afrikaner bias. And so what do a bunch of stupid Afrikaans students do at the University of the Free State?

They confirm all the worst prejudices.

First, let’s name the cunts:Roelof Malherbe, Schalk van der Merwe, Danie Grobler and Johnny Roberts. Watch those fuckers go:

Brought to you by: The Times Multimedia

Now, let’s see what the British media is saying:

A “barbaric” video of white South African students forcing black university workers to eat meat saturated in urine caused widespread outrage and protests yesterday.

Four University of the Free State students filmed themselves drinking in a bar and then one of them urinating into a stew before feeding it to five black staff members, four of them women, at their dormitory on the Bloemfontein campus accompanied by shouts of “take it, take it”. The women can be seen on their knees eating the stew from metal cups and then spitting it out in disgust. They were also forced to perform athletic tasks.

Afrikaans voices have at least been unanimous in their condemnation. Here’s a sample from Mhambi and Alleman.

Stupid fucking idiots. There seems to be a new arrogance among white South Africans, and it disturbs me. I don’t know if it’s the De La Rey generation asserting itself or just alcohol-induced myopia, but it’s not pretty.

Here’s some intelligent insight from Sean Jacobs.

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