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The Horror, The Horror

February 28, 2008

I feel emotionally numb and don’t have any wise words for you tonight, just some things I’d like to bring to your attention.


First this:

Joseph Stiglitz has analysed the true (financial) cost of the Iraq war. Here are some of his figures, as published in The Guardian:


The amount the US spends on the monthly running costs of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan – on top of regular defence spending


The amount paid by every US household every month towards the current operating costs of the war


The amount Halliburton has received in single-source contracts for work in Iraq


The annual cost to the US of the rising price of oil, itself a consequence of the war

$3 trillion

A conservative estimate of the true cost – to America alone – of Bush’s Iraq adventure. The rest of the world, including Britain, will shoulder about the same amount again.


Cost of 10 days’ fighting in Iraq

$1 trillion

The interest America will have paid by 2017 on the money borrowed to finance the war


The average drop in income of 13 African countries – a direct result of the rise in oil prices. This drop has more than offset the recent increase in foreign aid to Africa

What is it being spent on?

Well, here are some fresh pictures from Abu Ghraib, published by Wired. They’re horrible; don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Here’s Wired’s warning:

Many of the images are explicit and gruesome, depicting nudity, degradation, simulated sex acts and guards posing with decaying corpses. Viewer discretion is advised.

And all the British media care about are the antics of that privileged prick Harry on patrol in Afghanistan.

What else can I say? Go and see In the Valley of Elah.

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