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Groete uit Noord Orania

December 9, 2007

I am in London, preparing to fly back to Cape Town tonight, and I spent the day wondering around Brick Lane and Greenwich, doing tourist things. What always strikes about this city is just how many South Africans are here.

You hear Afrikaans absolutely everywhere: from sales assistants at the airport shops, to every second passenger on the tube, through to the young families walking along the river on a Saturday afternoon. It seems like die hele volk is hier.

Is anyone actually left in South Africa? South African readers, can you confirm that you are actualy reading this from South Africa, and not a flat in Wimbledon?

I don’t much like South Africans in London. We’re loud and crass, but at least we do it in Afrikaans, which only a few hundred thousand Londoners can understand. The Australians are just as bad, but they speak English.

Anyway, I’ll be back in Cape Town for five weeks from tomorrow – if anyone wants to meet up, get in touch.

And if you want a fight, I’ll be behind the bike sheds after second break.

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