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Clockwork Zionists

October 9, 2007

Yes, hello, Zionists and supporters of Israel – welcome to this blog. I know you’re reading this: you’re so predictable.

I can write about whatever I like – things that interest me, and that I think are important – and no one pays much attention.

Put the words ‘Israel’ or ‘Zion’ into the title, and my stats shoot up as defenders of Israel gather like clockwork to call me an anti-Semite and a neo-Nazi.

It’s really quite boring. I feel like I am repeating myself.

So, for the record, and despite claims to the contrary:

I am not advocating genocide against the Jews.

I am not calling for Jews in the Middle East to be displaced or killed.

I am simply saying that the Zionist dream hasn’t worked. It hasn’t made the world a safer place for Jews. Most Jews choose not to live in Israel, because Europe, the US, Canada, Australasia and many other countries have proved to be better places to live.

Israel is such a mess that it has its own, home grown neo-Nazis, who are Jewish enough to be able to immigrate to Israel, not to mention the American Jewish fundamentalists who settle in places like Hebron.

Israel wouldn’t even exist if it wasn’t for $30 billion of US military aid, which the Israeli army uses to kill Palestinian children. Are they anti-Semites too?

Come on. I really do have a deep respect for people’s connection to place, and if Jews want to live in Israel-Palestine, that’s fine. But respect other people’s rights as well.

For this, I get called an anti-Semite, by anonymous posters who aren’t prepared to engage.

But at least I am in good company: Desmond Tutu is the latest to be smeared as an anti-Semite, and have a speaking invitation cancelled – all because the Zionist Organization of America made up a quote comparing Israel to Nazi Germany and attributed it to him, and it was reported without fact checking.

Nice one, Zionists.

Who do you think is more credible? Tutu, or you nuts?

Comparing Israel to apartheid also earns the anti-Semite slur – despite the fact that Haaretz, a mainstream Israeli paper, said the same thing in an editorial a few days ago.

What? Are they anti-Semites too? Or self-hating Jews?

Like the boy who cried wolf, the anti-Semite slur has lost its power – which is a victory for real anti-Semites everywhere.

ZionistYoungster (ZY) claims that my support for one state, with equal rights for all, will lead to the killing of Jews.

But why should it?

White people weren’t wiped out in South Africa after the end of apartheid.

Most Palestinians just want to live, work, study, fall in love, feed their families and enjoy life. It’s only when they are prevented from doing this that they are driven into the arms of extremists.

ZY also says “you won’t appease Muslims at our expense”.

I am not interested in appeasing anyone. I don’t like right wing Islam anymore than you. But it is a symptom of the fact the Muslims are treated unjustly by Israel and the West.

Working for justice is not appeasement.

He says:

“…if you single the state of Israel for condemnation, then there cannot be any other reason for it than Jew-hatred.”

He says our ‘zeal’ is what exposes us as anti-Semites. Actually,the ‘zeal’ is to do with the fact that the injustice in Palestine is the fulcrum around which the big conflicts of our age revolve. However important Darfur is, it’s peripheral to the war on terror and the imperialist strategy of the US and its allies.

As I said in my post, I didn’t know it was a competition to see which was the worst country in the world.

Also, I put it to you, ZY, that you only notice the issues that interest you. If you were a supporter of the British state, you’d be noticing my ‘zeal’ for the destruction of Britain, and if you were a neo-Nazi, you’d call me a race traitor. Israel is far from the only thing I comment on, but it appears to be the only thing anyone wants to read about, which is why i keep coming back to it.

ZY was also angry that I didn’t quote him in full in the previous post. So here’s the rest of his quote:

“By that, I do not mean assassination as the Muslims do in their lawless way, but I will pray for the rise of the Sanhedrin that will carry that out, at least on the more high-profile among those who are opposed to the Jewish State.”

And that’s supposed to make us feel better? He wants to kill Muslims lawfully, as ordered by the Sanhedrin?

A Sanhedrin is a Jewish religious court. So we’re supposed to criticise right wing Muslims who want to impose Sharia as dangerous extremists, but accept the Jewish version?

They’re as bad as each other!

ZY, you come across like a Jewish Bin Laden. You and the right wing Islamists are two sides of a coin, and you’re making the world more dangerous for all of us.

JP, of course, plays the moderate. He doesn’t think I am an anti-Semite, just naive, and unable to understand complexity (personally, I think I have a fairly nuanced view, but then I would say that).

He points out that Israel is racially diverse – sure it is, and deeply racist, too.

Even among Jews, the whiter you are the better. Jews of Arab origin have always been cannon fodder in the Zionist dream – so much so that 100 000 Israeli children were poisoned in radioactive tests – 6000 died.

He thinks that when we say ‘Zionists’ we really mean something else. We don’t. We mean Zionists. Many of them are fundamentalist Christians who believe the Jews will go to hell, but that we should support Israel because it’s part of God’s exit strategy for them, the Rapture and all that nonsense. They have a powerful lobby in the US and elsewhere, but they don’t control the world. That’s a conspiracy theory.

Anyway, it’s worth keeping an eye on MuzzleWatch to see who the latest victim of the Zionist lobby is.

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