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The scum of the earth flock to Israel

September 10, 2007

The shock arrest of a neo-Nazi gang in Israel highlights the absurdity of the Zionist state’s immigration laws.

Israel’s immigration laws are absurd and racist. Anyone, from anywhere in the world, with one quarter Jewish blood, can turn up in Israel and claim Israeli citizenship – and have more rights than a Palestinian born there. Palestinians who have fled into exile do not have the right to return to the country they were born in.

This has lead to economic opportunists from all over the world – not least the former Soviet Union – flocking to Israel, and an explosion in human trafficking as Tel Aviv’s sex industry has blossomed. Every kind of drug dealing, whoring, slaving bastard has come into the country and been given citizenship because of some distant Jewish relative.

It’s all about demographics, you see – the Israelis have a racist fear of being ‘out bred’ by the Arabs, so they’ll let in anyone who is vaguely Jewish, and go to great lengths to encourage settled Jewish communities elsewhere to resettle in the ‘safety’ of the Zionist pressure cooker, to join the army and go kill some Arabs.

In a scene reminiscent of the film The Believer – based on a true story about a Jewish neo-Nazi in New York – a group of Russian immigrants was arrested after a series of anti-semitic attacks.

Here’s the Guardian:

Police in Israel have uncovered a neo-Nazi ring which was responsible for vandalising synagogues and carrying out attacks on Jews and foreign workers in Israel, a court was told yesterday.

The group of eight Russian immigrants aged between 18 and 21 appeared in court following an 18-month investigation into attacks on two synagogues in which swastikas were painted on the walls of the buildings. The men covered their heads with their shirts during the hearing, revealing arms tattooed with Nazi imagery.

More than a million people from the former Soviet Union have emigrated to Israel, which has a population of seven million, since 1990, taking advantage of Israel’s Law of Return which allows anyone to claim citizenship if they have a Jewish grandparent. Many of the new immigrants have little connection to Judaism and emigrated for economic reasons.

Here’s gang leader Eli the Nazi:
My grandfather was a half-Jewboy. I will not have children so that this trash will not be born with even a tiny per cent of Jewboy blood.

Nice, hey?

We’ve had Jewish Nazis, in the form of Kahane Chai, attacking Arabs before, but Jewish Nazis attacking Jews is just unbelievable.

Except that it’s not, really, when you think about. That place is so twisted and fucked up nothing surprises me anymore.

Update: apparently this is nothing new – here’s an article from 2005 about another Israeli neo-Nazi group, this one including IDF soldiers with swastika tattoos.

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