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We are led by lunatics

August 27, 2007

I have a long history on the far Left. In fact, I am a bit of a Left wing trainspotter – name me a Left sect and I could probably tell you their ‘line’ on anything you like. Much Left wing ‘thought’ isn’t thought at all, it’s just a cut and paste from whatever line was developed by the sect’s guru way back when.

Just because some wild-haired old man in the past said, for instance, that the solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict is to create a socialist federation of the Middle East (and I want a new bike for Christmas, Santa), this becomes the line when dealing with any conflict – regardless of inconvenient ‘actually existing’ facts. Whatever the Great Leader said is true.

Like the British group whose response to the Falklands war was to call on the revolutionary masses to rise up against their masters and form a “socialist federation of Britain, Argentina and the Falklands [which] could then bring enormous benefits to the people of both countries”.

Good idea, guys.

It got to the point when buying Left wing papers became redundant, because I already knew what they were going to say.

In any given situation, the Communists would call for a consolidation of the national democratic revolution, the WIVL would call for a general strike, WOSA would call for the creation of a mass worker’s party, and both International Socialist groups would argue for the building of (rival) revolutionary parties.

It’s communism by numbers, and I wonder how many blood clots on the brain and aneurysms have been caused by earnest socialists trying to hammer reality in to fit their pet theories.

The ones who are trying hardest to stretch their brains in this way are the ‘socialists’ of the ANC, who have managed to convince themselves that their Thatcherism is part of the revolutionary struggle of the Black masses.

This causes a strange cognitive dissonance when reading ANC documents: the language and writing style is reminiscent of third rate Left wing polemic, and yet the arguments being made are so Right wing. Here’s a few choice snippets from the convoluted mind of ANC secretary general Kgalema Motlanthe in the party’s latest bulletin:

“The task to lead the struggle for the defence of any revolution falls squarely on the shoulders of both the vanguard formation and the masses which constituted the combat troops of the victorious revolution….

….This means that the motive force of our national democratic revolution, the ANC and the masses it leads, must defend and advance the democratic revolution conscious of the reality of the continuing existence and vibrancy of exactly the same forces that had, to one degree or another, opposed the victory of the national democratic revolution….

“….Of the greatest importance in this regard is the incontestable objective reality that in successive democratic elections since 1994, our movement, the ANC, the vanguard of the national democratic revolution, has been confirmed with ever-increasing majorities as the trusted leader and representative of the masses of our people….”

Plain English, please guys.

This is unreadable shit. And from a government that’s economically to the Right of Thatcher?

They’re beginning to sound like Maoists. I have always laughed at the white Right when they complain about the ‘communist’ take over of South Africa, when in fact we’ve had a capitalist take over. But when you look at the language they use, it’s not surprising people are confused.

The scary thing is, I think they’ve actually talked themselves into believing a lot of it, which means we are dealing with authoritarian free market capitalists who are convinced in their own minds they are revolutionaries. Anyone who disagrees with them is counter-revolutionary ultra-leftist scum.

This, of course, explains why the ANC faces so much criticism:

… we have former apartheid agents in the ranks of the political formations in our country, in the machinery of the democratic state, in business, the professions, including the universities and the media, and civil society in general, who will voluntarily act in a manner consistent with what they did in the past, or submit to blackmail by their former “handlers” to advance a reactionary agenda…

Of course, they have forgotten the fact that they actively recruited the best of those apartheid agents, and that it was their policy – which the Left denounced – to leave those Right wing networks intact.

Now, whenever a newspaper criticises the government, or a community protests against lack of service delivery, the ANC sees a conspiracy of apartheid-era agents provocateurs.

“Nothing we have said subtracts from the reality that our movement, and the masses it leads, have a revolutionary responsibility to assert and exercise their hegemony as the leader of the process of the fundamental social transformation of our country, without which the democratic revolution would have no meaning.

On the political and ideological plane, the exercise of this hegemony is challenged both from the left and the right. Consistent with what has happened in other countries in the past, more often than nought, this left and right opposition usually comes together in the political positions it expresses and fights for.”

So in other words, when a community resists eviction or water cut-offs, they are actually in collusion with the forces of international reaction to defeat the national democratic revolution.

These people are quite simply mad. You can’t reason with them.

And, of course, it’s all a media conspiracy:

“….the opponents of our democratic revolution, who lack a significant political base among the masses of our people, have sought to use the domestic and international media as one of their principal offensive instruments, to turn it into an organised formation opposed to the national democratic revolution and its vanguard movement.”

Anyone see some themes emerging here?

Actually, I think most South Africans are nuts: paranoid, delusional, and all too ready to believe conspiracies. A lot of my acquaintances think that the recent power cuts are part of an Illuminati plot, and that lizard aliens control the world.

It’s a consequence of being powerless and stuck at the bottom of the world with an over-inflated sense of importance, cheap dope and expensive broadband.

Get a grip.

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