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Preparing for a post-oil future

August 3, 2007

This blog often has a gloomy tone: I apologise, things often don’t look good. Today I am happy to report some good news, as Iraq manages to prevent handing its oil to US companies, and Findhorn finds some positive energy.

The American economy is in a bad way, and has been for years. It’s been propped up by debt, and is long overdue for what is euphemistically called a ‘correction’. The US is at war with emerging economies, particularly China, which is steaming ahead.

The world has also awoken to the fact that oil reserves are finite. Since the US economy needs cheap energy more than anything else to keep it afloat, control of the remaining oil is vital. It’s also vital for civic peace in the US: petrol is vastly underpriced in that country, and rising fuel costs would badly hurt any administration.

Iraq has massive oil reserves, and the main impetus behind the invasion of Iraq, in my view, was so that the US could get their grubby little paws on Iraq’s oil, and out of China’s reach.

I’ve written about this before, and Iraqi trade unions, among others, have been campaigning hard to keep Iraqi oil in public hands, and not give their future to US oil companies.

Well, The Guardian reports good news from Iraq:

“Glad tidings from Baghdad at last. The Iraqi parliament has gone into summer recess without passing the oil law that Washington was pressing it to adopt. For the Bush administration this is irritating, since passage of the law was billed as a “benchmark” in its battle to get Congress not to set a timetable for US troop withdrawals.”

Bush wants to extend his ‘surge’ by a year to ensure he gets control of the oil – but by that time the war will be so unpopular that the neo-cons will be even more isolated than they are now. The US regime is looking increasingly desperate.

All of this is leavened by a light hearted look at a post-oil future from Findhorn, the veteran Scottish eco-village that has the lowest carbon footprint in Europe. I’ve been reading the Findhorn blog for sometime now, and it’s worth taking a look at. They’ve been walking the walk for 40-odd years now, so they know what they are talking about:

“The terrifying prospect of a post-oil future: no more ready meals, traffic jams or lonely nights in front of television.”

Another world is possible.

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