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What is Israeli security doing at a South African airport?

July 19, 2007

The First Vice-President of the municipal workers’ union, SAMWU, Mr Xolile Nxu, was detained, interrogated and strip searched by Israeli security at O R Tambo airport in South Africa.

Read the article here.

A SAMWU press release notes:

“SAMWU feels that it is very alarming that Israeli security has free reign in OR Tambo airport, with apparently even more power than customs officials. The union was under the impression that South Africa is a sovereign state and that our citizens are not accountable to the Israeli secret police. It is quite notable that no other country apart from Israel has their own offices, secret police and power to bypass customs at our airports.”

Can anyone explain this to me? What the fuck are Zionist spooks doing harassing our citizens at our airports?

Mr Nxu said that

“Israeli Apartheid is worse than South African apartheid. I cannot accept that the very people who were subjected to pogroms in Europe, who understand how it feels, are now doing the very same thing to the Palestinians that was done to them in Europe.”

It’s stupid behaviour on the part of the Zionists as it only reinforces the growing acceptance of the links between Israeli and South African apartheid.

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