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Onthou jy dit, poes?

June 22, 2007

Just when we thought the volk were entering the 21st century, this poes has to come along and spoil it all.

Some web-savvy, over-privileged middle class Afrikaans wanker with a sense of grievance has a new site up, which claims to be fighting ‘the oppression of the white Afrikaners’. Jesus, I thought you people had grown out of that by now.

Poes – which means ‘cunt’ in Afrikaans – is a far Right site, filled with images of old flags and denunciations of sell outs. The worst aspect is that it invites comment from people who are gatvol (fed up) – “I don’t censor anything”, says Poes. Needless to say, every two-bit racist with a stupid pseudonym is all over the site, practicing the words that are no longer acceptable in polite conversation – ‘kaffer’ this, ‘meidnaai’ that, it’s all there.

Heerlikheid, poes, jy’s net gelukkig jy’s nie dood nie. Onderdrukking se moer.

I would like to draw Poes’ attention to the image at the top. Do you remember that? Bophutatswana coup, 1994, when the self-styled heroes of the boerevolk, drunk on brandy and coke, tried to start a race war.

What happened?

They got shot dead in the street. They hadn’t figured on the ‘kaffers’ shooting back. No pasaran. And that was the end of the Right wing uprising.

Considering everything they got up to under apartheid, the Afrikaner right got off lightly. In fact, they’ve never had it so good: no one’s nationalised their farms, the economy’s doing well, and the Bokke are welcome on world rugby stages.

De-tribalised Afrikaners – and there are many of them, and they are some of my favourite people in the world – have had the sense to reinvent their national identity into something inclusive and progressive. By unchaining Afrikaans, they have given this beautiful language to the rest of South Africa as a gift, and taken their place as true children of Africa.

They have learned the lesson of “moenie jouself wit hou nie” – deracialised their identities – and thrived as a result.

But some people still have a way to go.

To make things worse, the nutcase who runs this site has a link to siener (seer), a boere-mystic (not Mystic Boer) who offers “Profetiese Boodskappe en tekens van die tye vir die Boerevolk.”

Jirrejissus God.

To those lucky enough not to be able to read it, it’s end times Boere-Zionist eschatology – Afrikaners as God’s chosen people, Christ’s return, every Right wing wet dream you can think of.

Anyway, sorry if this post was impenetrable to non-South Africans. Maybe it’s better that way.

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  1. December 23, 2011 7:17 am

    As ‘n gewese Suid Afrikaner nou ‘n Amerikaner vir die afgelope 51 jaar. Ek is geskok om sulke fotos te sien op die Internet. Ook ander fotos wat waar Afrikaners vermoord word in my Vaderland.
    Wat is verkeerd met my mede Afrikaaners? Waar is die woorde…”MY GOD, MY VOLK, MY LAND, SUID AFRIKA”

    Dankie vir die voorreg om ‘n gedeelte van my opienie hier te lewer.

    Johan Ries.

  2. Johan permalink
    April 25, 2018 7:36 pm

    Those men on the photo were shot by the ‘apartheid’ governements’ police because they went on a killing spree, not because ‘kaffers shot back’. Stop spreading false information.

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