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Pull the plug on the Zionist entity

May 15, 2007

The thing that drives me mad when writing about Israel and Palestine is that there is so little sense written about the subject.

The Zionist lobby – I’m looking in your direction, Steve and Mike – tries to obscure the fact that what’s happening in the Middle East is genocide.

In its attempts to create an ethnically Jewish state that dominates the region, the Zionist state murders people. Anyone who criticises it is accused of anti-semitism and compared to the Nazis. A nice way to shut people up.

The raison d’etre of the Zionist state is to create a safe haven for the Jewish people – something I have a tremendous amount of sympathy for. Many of my intellectual heroes, from Spinoza to Primo Levi, are Jewish, and Jewish stories, from The Last of the Just to the tales of Lochamei HaGeta’ot inspire me.

As it happens, I even speak Hebrew.

But you’ve got to ask yourself, has the State of Israel made the world a safer place, for Jews or anyone else?

No: because the historic injustice done to the Palestinians has opened a black maw of hatred that eats at the political life of the world like a cancer. It poisons all our political institutions.

It may well the case that that particular door to hell was originally opened by the Nazis. It doesn’t obscure the injustice of what Israel is doing today, or that today’s Lochamei HaGeta’ot are Palestinian gunmen.

In this context, it is very rare to find balanced, intelligent commentary on the issue. I’ll be the first to admit you’re unlikely to get it from me, because I am too angry at what Israel has been allowed to get away with.

But the latest editorial in the Electronic Intifada is a masterpiece. Don’t be put off by the world ‘intifada’ – this is some of the most sensible and balanced material you’ll read on the conflict.

The author tells of how before the Nakba in 1948, his mother lived peacefully with Jews outside Jerusalem, in a village she hasn’t seen for 59 years.

“But a better life needn’t be just a memory”, he goes on. “It is feasible for Palestinians to return to their homeland while peace with Israelis is built at the same time.”

He continues: “To assert, as Israel does, that it has a right to be a “Jewish state” means to recognize that it has a right to manipulate demographics for the purpose of ethnic domination. This outlook violates fundamental human rights.”

He deconstructs some of the Zionist myths, and shows how Israel and Palestine need to unite to form a single, secular state, with equal rights for all. He cites South Africa and Northern Ireland as examples where political necessity has forced compromise on extremists.

What a great way to undermine the religious extremists on both sides.

He ends off: ….”we must begin to construct a vision of a nonracial, nonsectarian Palestine-Israel, which belongs to all the people who live in it, Israeli Jews, Palestinians, and all exiles who want to return and live in peace with their neighbors.”

Well said, that man. The problem, of course, is the fact that the US is bankrolling Israeli apartheid. What would have happened to South Africa if the apartheid regime was being propped up by the Yanks to the tune of several billion dollars a year?

That’s exactly what’s happened to Israel. Time to pull the plug and force them to face political reality.

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