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Election broadcasts

April 26, 2007

Watching the official election broadcasts has been interesting. I have already blogged about the BNP’s sad attempt at an election broadcast. It was almost not worth organising protests over.

Since PR and marketing are such an important part of politics today, it’s worth having a look at the broadcasts.

The mainstream parties have been boring and predictable, though the Nats have been better than most.

The Greens have been disappointing: although I agree with their message, their broadcast fails to light any fires for me. It’s just too worthy, serious and preachy.

Worth a look is Solidarity’s broadcast: it’s so ridiculous it looks like a spoof, Tommy Sheridan driving through Glasgow ranting – it looks like he recorded it on his mobile phone. It obviously a reference to the claim he made a while back that his car was being bugged by the News of the World (yawn), but it’s really just embarrassing.

Both Sheridan and George Galloway are brilliant speakers, but I think they’re unscrupulous fantasists who’ve fallen for their own mythology. But Tommy’s broadcast is worth a watch, though non-Scots won’t understand a word.

But the best election broadcasts I have ever seen in my life come from the Scottish Socialist Party. Although I have problems with their policies, the SSP are getting my vote based on these broadcasts alone.

The first calls for free public transport. For all the greenwash the other parties have been engaging in, this is the single most important policy any party has come up with for tackling climate change and making our cities more human.

The second looks at how rich the rich are getting, and points out that all the mainstream parties would only accelerate this trend. Not surprisingly, they call for redistribution.

These are weighty, emotive issues. Yet the broadcasts are lighthearted, amusing and informative.

They get my vote.

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