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Support striking IT workers at Fujitsu

January 18, 2007

Members of the trade union Amicus at IT firm Fujitsu in Manchester, England, are on strike over union recognition. Fujitsu employs 18,000 people in 20 countries, with 12,000 in the UK.

Because of various transfers of undertaking there have been pockets of union reconition at Fujitsu in the past, but the company is working hard to derecognise the union and prevent workers there from bargaining collectively over the terms, conditions and security of their jobs.

Amicus members voted at a meeting today to strike for five days from Monday 29th January to Friday 2nd February.

This strike action, and the unionisation campaign, is highly significant as the IT sector generally has low levels of unionisation. In the early days of the Internet, IT jobs were seen as glamorous, and often paid well. Increasingly, they are being deskilled and becoming routine, and these workers, whose jobs provide the infrastructure that makes this globalised world possible, are frequently poorly paid and have little job security.

Visit the website of the Amicus 9827 Greater Manchester IT Branch, and express your support. Write letters, or if you’re up to it, organise a whip around at work for the strike fund.

Techies unite! You have nothing to lose but your cubicles.

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