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Lebanon: A Disaster for Israel

July 31, 2006

What looks like Lebanon’s tragedy may yet turn out to be the beginning of the end for Israel.

The fact that, in over two weeks of sustained assault, the world’s fourth most powerful army, equipped with some of the most advanced weapons on the planet, has been unable to defeat a ragtag militia with primitive, dated weapons is deeply humiliating for them.

Also, Israel has lost the propaganda war. When the State of Israel was founded in 1948, there was widespread sympathy and support for the Jewish state, despite the fact that it was born in the blood of displaced Palestinians and terror attacks like the massacre at Deir Yassin.

Because of world horror at the Holocaust, Israel had a substantial amount of support for the first few decades of its existance, and the myth of a galant little country, making the desert bloom and sticking it out against the odds appealled to the pioneering spirit in a lot of people. Unique features of Israeli life, such as the kibbutz system, added to this appeal, as did gung-ho exploits like the raid on Entebbe to free hostages.

Yet this Holocaust dividend has been squandered now. The first cracks probably started to show at the time of the Sabra and Shatila massacre in south Lebanon, for which that monster Ariel Sharon, the Butcher of Lebanon, was responsible. Over the next few decades, there has been growing disgust from the international community at Israel’s actions, and the lies it has told to defend them.

It has been particularly disgusting the way the memory of those who died in the Holocaust has been tainted by the fact that critics of Israel get smeared as anti-semites. In fact, Israel is one of the biggest causes of anti-semitism in the world, and they should share responsibility for this with the Jewish communities which have been unable to criticise Israel.

Think about it: if you blow up some one’s home, and kill their children – as happened yesterday in Lebanon, when Israel murdered 34 children – and say “we’re doing this because we are Jews” – the victim is going to turn around and say, “well, in that case I hate the Jews”.

The fact that Jewish communities worldwide have been supporting Israel’s slaughter in Lebanon – and claiming, against history and all evidence, that the poor Israelis are the victims in this instance – just provides ammunition for those with anti-semitic tendencies, like that Catholic fascist Mel Gibson.

There was no widespread anti-semitism in Arab countries prior to the establishment of Israel, and Jews were well-integrated in Morocco, Egypt, Iraq, Yemen and a number of other Arab countries. Although at various times in history they suffered discrimination, this was nothing like the persecution Jews suffered at the hands of Christians. Yet just 50 short years have turned Jews and Muslims into mortal enemies.

If Israel feels it must bomb some one, then they should bomb Europe. Muslims were not responsible for the Holocaust, Christians were.

Crucial at this time have been those Jewish groups that have had the courage to speak out against the prevailing climate in their communities and denounce war crimes when they see them. This group includes ultra-orthodox sects like Neturei Karta, as well as ordinary Jews from around the world who have signed statements against the Israeli aggression.

Neturei Karta are particularly interesting: they are religious Jews who believe that Zion is a spiritual state that only God can grant, and that it is blasphemy for man to attempt to create a Zionist state. As such they are opposed to the State of Israel.

This war has also revealed the real Axis of Evil: Israel, the US and Britain. The fact that Bush and his catamite Blair have been the only world leaders to support this war makes it clear who the real enemies of peace and justice in the world are.

Israel is increasingly associated with Bush’s far Right regime, and the largely dicerdited war on terror. It will not recover from this. The country is forever tainted.

Hizbullah is a reaction to Israel. Without Israel, there would be no Hizbullah, no Hamas and probably no Al Qaida. If you want to defeat Islamic extremism, tackle the cause: Israel as a proxy for Anglo-American imperialism in the Middle East.

Here are some things you need to know before the world ends.

I promise the next post won’t be so serious.

UPDATE: What is Hizbollah? Here is a good analysis from Informed Comment.

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