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Israel is a terrorist state backed by America

July 13, 2006

I find myself incapable of saying anything reasonable about Israel, which is why I generally avoid the subject.

Whenever it comes up, my instinctive reaction is to run through the streets throwing petrol bombs and shouting ‘Death to Israel, Death to America!” I don’t think this will help, so generally I shut up.

The reason I get so upset, and want to go off the deep end, is that the rest of the world tolerates what the Israelis do.

Israel is a terrorist state backed by America. It engages in murder, genocide, ghetto clearances, territorial expansion and acts of collective punishment against ordinary people. In an era when the world needs to unite to avoid environmental meltdown and destruction through war, it is building – for God’s sake – a wall to steal Palestinian land and keep out the people.

Building walls? Has humanity learned nothing?

America seeks to control the world through client states like Israel. In effect, they try to outsource their terror operations to avoid accountability.

Yet even the progressive media are afraid to attack Israel too openly. The Guardian, which is supposed to be a left-leaning paper, today is calling for all sides to ‘halt the slide to war’. Palestinian leadership, they say, should reign in ‘extremists’. They are pretending that Palestine is a functioning state that can and should control ‘extremists’.

If Palestinians attempted to control ‘extremists’, it would only result in creating civil war in Palestine which would benefit Israel and smoulder for a hundred years. This is what the British succeeded in doing in Ireland in 1922 when they split the Irish freedom fighters by recognising Irish Home Rule within the empire. It created a conflict that is still not settled.

The answer is not peace between Israel and Palestine. The war against Israel must be won, and the Zionist state must be destroyed.

It is a classic liberal mistake to say there are two sides to any story, and that we must mediate between them to reach settlement and peace. Justice versus injustice and oppression versus freedom are not two sides of a story. You need to take sides against injustice and name terrorism when you see it.

Israel killing 20-odd civilians in Lebanon this morning is terrorism. Bombing the airport is an act of war against a foreign state.

Israel’s recent incursion into Gaza, killing 70 civilians so far, is an act of terror, a collective punishment of ordinary people for the taking of an Israeli soldier as a ‘hostage’.

The Israeli soldier is no hostage, he’s a prisoner of war. He was captured within Gaza. Israel has thousands of Palestinian fighters in prison.

There will be no justice in the world until Israel is destroyed, both physically and as an idea. This will not happen while America continues to bankroll this brutal oppression, and while the Western media are too frightened to speak out against injustice.

If Saddam Hussein’s Iraq was considered a threat to world peace, why not Israel, that cancer? Israel should be totally and utterly isolated by the rest of the world, until her citizens wake up and get rid of their war-mongering government.

Note that by destruction of Israel, I don’t mean the destruction of Israelis, or Jews, or any other people. I mean the destruction of the State and its army. I believe that anyone should have the right to live anywhere they want in the world, and that includes Jews in Palestine.

But that also means that Palestinians have the right to stay in Tel Aviv, and Muslims in New York. No one has exclusive right to any territory.

What makes me angriest of all about the whole situation are that most Jewish Israelis are ‘Mizrahim’, meaning Jews of eastern origin. A generation ago, they were living in Arab countries in relative peace and prosperity. Many of them still speak Arabic as a first language. Culturally, thay have far more in common with the Palestinians than they do with Jews from Europe or America (‘Ashkenazim’).

Very broadly, Mizrahim tend to be working class, and the ruling class is made up mostly of Ashkenazim. Religion and manufactured notions of culture have been used, very effectively, to divide people and make them fight against their own best interets.

Israel and Zionism must be destroyed, and replaced with a Palestinian territory where Muslims, Jews, Christians, Druze and atheists can live together in peace and harmony, sharing humus recipes and enjoying the sunshine and unique history. Until then, no platform should be given to Israel to put her side of the story. There isn’t one – it’s just racism and imperialism.

UPDATE: Here is a really good article from Counterpunch by former CIA analyst Kathleen Christison.

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    July 13, 2006 8:45 pm

    You can’t start the healing process until Israel is acknowledged, my friend. It’s too late to dismantle Israel; it really is.I had this massive (4-page) post written when my MacBook powered off…oh well…I have since realized anyway that the answer can’t be based on logic anyway since neither side is using enough of it as the foundation for their choices.The region is entangled in religion, and until they can solve that problem and see that their differences…are essentially contrived — there will be no solution.Remember, both Arabic and Hebrew are semitic languages. They’re brothers, yet they can’t see it because they’re blinded by craziness. I don’t see a solution that doesn’t involve becoming a whole lot more secular.-Daniel Miessler

  2. Anonymous permalink
    July 14, 2006 9:10 am

    First of all I want to congratulate you on your courage to say these things. I am positive your blog will be gone in the next 24 hours as hundreds of millions of americans and israelis tag your blog as having objectionable content.I agree with the other anonymous poster. Religion is the core of the problem. These silly people believe that God promised them some land. It never occurs to them that even though they are gods favorite people he has promised them so little land.Anyway they are bloodthirsty religious zealots. Like all bloodthirsty religious zealots their bloodlust will never be satisfied. They will kill and torture till the end of time or till they run out of arabs. That’s not going to be anytime soon.Israel is hated by it’s neighbors, it’s hated by a billion muslims, it’s severely disliked by all of europe and south america, it’s hated by all of africa, and disliked by most of asia. There must be a reason for that.

  3. Dave permalink
    July 14, 2006 9:57 am

    A very short sighted and one eyed post. I believe that the right to an Israeli state is a far more complex notion than you are able to grasp. I am not going to defend the “Wall” they are building but all “civilised” western countries have their own mechanisms for keeping “foreigners” out of their country. As a South African you should know how difficult it is to gain access to these countries. Good luck trying to walk into Saudi Arabia, Iran or many other arab states in the Middle East with a South African passport.And to those people who believe that Israel is a “bloodthirsty” zealously religious state, I ask you, what the hell do you call the entire Middle East!

  4. Anonymous permalink
    July 14, 2006 10:07 am

    Dave.All civilized nations have ways of keeping people out. No civilized nation keeps 3.5 million people under occupation. Not one. Even south africa eventually gave up it’s aprtheid regine. Israel is the last of the lost.In the future If I were you I would not be comparing Israel to Saudi Arabia and saying “see it’s just like them!” or even saying “at least we are no worse then anybody else in the middle east” or even saying “we are better then iran”. That’s not saying much.Your entire argument was that israel is just like iran, saudi arabia and other arab nations. Hardly something to be proud of.

  5. Dave permalink
    July 14, 2006 10:30 am

    Forgive me for thinking the wall was there to keep people out, not in! I am not here to defend the wall, merely to point out its comparison whith the West.Good luck trying to get into the USA, Great Britain, France etc on a Mexican passport, or even better, on an Iranian passport. I was making comparisons with countries in the same region, a region which has been glorified in the post for being virtuous in their “struggle” against the “evil” Israeli state. PS: Good of you to hide behind an “Anonymous” post!

  6. Anonymous permalink
    July 14, 2006 10:42 am

    Dave you still don’t seem to get it. Of course all nations have borders and all nations try to control immigration. Israel is occupying 3.5 million people and subjugating those people to a state of apartheid. The wall isn’t merely to keep people out, it’s like the berlin wall. It also serves to steal some land too.Again you are saying israel is no different then the arab states. I agree. It’s just as bad as them and maybe a little worse because it’s occupying 3.5 million people. Finally the fact that I choose to post anonymously does not automaticaly negate anything I say. I post anonymously because there can be severe consequences to critisizing israel.

  7. Erasmus Folly permalink
    July 18, 2006 3:42 pm

    Mmm, fiery! Dig your blog. From: a slacker that used to slack in a coffee shop down R’bosch.

  8. Lawrence permalink
    July 19, 2006 12:03 am

    If israel continue in their plight to make the middle east unstable to justify their acts of zionist terrorism whithout the ‘West/Nato/Un’ interviening, who are we as the so called ‘west’ to medal anywhere in the world to make it a safer place.Then we as a the ‘west’ should surely stop this cancer of violence and the removal of people from their land from spreading. When is enough, enough surely the only way to fight the jihad that has been declared upon the west is to sort out the ever growing cancer that is the illegal state of isreal??

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