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A Good Day

November 10, 2005

Yesterday was a good day. Tony Blair, that slick, corporate apologist for fascism, got a kicking from his own party, and Celtic beat Rangers two nil.

Blair’s defeat is particularly encouraging, as it was on his attempt to pass a law allowing 90 days detention without trial for “terror suspects”, for which read “anyone the police feel like locking up”. He has introduced a raft of oppressive measures and has been on the side of the evildoers in the US administration since before the Iraq war, and he has faced challenges before, but this is his first defeat, when 49 members of his own party voted against him in the House of Commons. Labour’s majority was reduced to 66 seats in the last election, meaning he lost the vote.

It is always wonderful when bad things happen to Rangers, since they’re the team supported by a lot of right wing British nationalists. It’s looking good for the wearers of the green, as Celtic and Hibs are at the top of the league table.

And in other good news, the festival of the oppressed continues in France.

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