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Blair is a Snake

October 13, 2005

I am not a violent person. Although my head accepts the need, sometimes, for defensive violence, for physical resistance and fighting back, in my heart I am a pacifist. Violence is ugly and it makes me sick, and generally I can’t imagine being involved.

But there is one person in the world I have violent fantasies about.

Tony Blair….

Every time I see his smug face on TV I want to commit an act of unspeakable violence, or at least boot the TV in (probably not a bad idea). He infuriates me.

Bush is nasty, but he’s also stupid. The thing about Blair is, he really knows better, but he’s cynical. Bush has a right wing support base, yet Blair pushes fascism on a social democratic ticket. He is intelligent, articulate, and total scum.

I really blame him for this big mess. Without Blair’s support, Bush would be much more isolated in Iraq. Without Blair, I very much doubt there would have been terror attacks on London.

Blair says something every day to drive me crazy. Two days ago, it was his plan to address Britain’s future energy needs by building new power stations. Yesterday it was his plan to introduce 90 days detention without trial for ‘terror suspects’.

I have managed to stay away from the news today.

My landlord works as a engineer on the nuclear power station of Douneray, in the North of Scotland (funny how although nuclear power is ‘safe’, they put the stations in sparsely populated areas like Scotland). His job is to clear up the incredible mess that has been made there. It is costing billions of pounds and there’s no end in sight. Basically, some deep shafts were sunk at Douneray for other purposes. Then some people came along with barrels of nuclear waste, and said “how handy – holes in the ground. Let’s chuck the waste in there”.

The barrels were sealed with a phosphorous compound that reacts with water. Sea water leaked into the shafts, there was an almighty explosion and barrels of nuclear waste went shooting in the air to land all over Caithness farmland.

So his job is to pump our radioactive sea water, dispose of it safely, then construct robots to dig the solid waste out of the muddy shafts and then dispose of it safely. And then dispose of the robots, of course.

And how do they intend to dispose of the waste ‘safely’?

“Probably dig a hole somewhere else and bury it, and then worry about it again in 20 years’ time”.

There is no safe way to dispose of nuclear waste. The nuclear industry always claims there is, that they’ve learned from past mistakes – but then the keep making them.

All of which Blair knows, of course.

And then there’s this 90 days thing. Reminds you of apartheid, doesn’t it? That law was passed in SA because police said they need it to prevent terror attacks. What happened was, if you were ‘the wrong sort’ – and cops are very good judges of character – they would lock you up for 90 days without charging you. After 90 days, if they hadn’t got around to building a case against you, they’d let you go, and then just arrest you again outside the police station.

The police are bullies and will use whatever power you give them. Look at the kinds of people who have been detained under this legislation so far: the 82 year old peace activist who heckled Jack Straw at the Labour conference, and our negotiators during the G8 protests.

Terror my arse. Social control is what it’s about.

Scum, scum, scum.

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