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Edinburgh Festival

August 6, 2005

The Edinburgh festival has kicked off, and the city is transformed from a staid and conservative, steely grey fortress into a capital of light and creativity. I have already been to see two shows: I didn’t think I would be seeing anything, because I am skint, but there are a lot of comps going if you are prepared to mooch around.
I went to see ‘The Apprentice’, staged in Rosslyn Chapel, which tells the story of the building of the chapel in the 12th century, and I have just come out of a deeply moving play called ‘Petrograd’, about the effect of the collapse of the USSR on people looking for alternatives.
Expect reviews later.
Best of all, though, is the atmosphere. The Forrest Cafe, that wonderful autonomous zone in the heart of the city, has of course become the hub of the coolest part of the festival, just as it was in the G8 protests.
Last night we wondered in to a glorious free party, and ended up jumping our hearts out in the jumping castle. What amazing fun!
We met a performer who said he would let us in to his shows free if we could give him contacts in Cape Town – he’s out there next for the festival in October. Any takers for a crusty comedy musician who probably needs to be taken to Ganesh?

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