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Working at the World’s End

May 16, 2005

World's End 2
I have been a really bad blogger, and haven’t posted anything for weeks. It’s because I am short of money and can’t afford to go to internet cafes much, and I am not settled enough to get my own broadband yet.
So: I still love Edinburgh, but no reality is starting to bite a little. The ‘fortune’ I brought over from South Africa has dwindled, and I have got myself a job: in a pub on the Royal Mile called The World’s End. It’s a lovely pub in a lovely location, but it means that my days are spent pulling pints rather than exploring, and I make barely enough for rent.
I have also worked at the races in Ayr and Perth, and recently at a very hotly contested fitba’ match between Hibs and Aberdeen (Hibs lost, dashing their hopes of going to Europe). I pulled pints for thirsty Scots at both events.
So while the work is interesting, I wish I had some more monhey and time to do some of the other things this city has to offer, like the world famous ghost tours (it’s the most haunted city in the world) and maybe a trip to the highlands. But I am sure it will all work out: beats London!

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