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The Origin of Metal

February 11, 2005

My brother-in-law Ray, a vastly talented musician who creates amazing work in many genres, has finally put some of his music up on the ‘Net. Check it out! Of particular interest is the musical project One Second Before Awakening, celebrating the centenary of Salvador Dali’s birth, and 12 Ton Method, which claims – through the medium of spirit possesion – to show that the origins of heavy metal lie in the 1920s.

Even if you don’t like metal and associate it with greasy, angry young men in violent T-shirts, check out some of the MP3s – you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Ray is classically trained, and the scoring of the metal is complex and interesting, and blends genres. There is also classical, pop, electronica, industrial and hip hop on the site. Nice one!

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