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Fuck politics, let’s riot

January 7, 2005

OK, this was supposed to be a blog about crazy-ass leftist politics – life on the left wing lunatic fringe, from some one so extreme I am just barely clawing on by my fingernails to avoid falling off the map.

But I don’t think anyone has every read any of the political stuff I’ve writen. Because why? (That’s a South Africanism, for foreign readers).

Politics is BORING! Right? At least you guys seem to think so. SO: Fuck Politics, Let’s Riot! (I once saw that slogan spray painted on the wall along Jan Smuts Avenue in Johannesburg in the early 90s, and have always figured it sums up my politics better than most slogans).

So: less politics, more sex and drugs. OK? Please post a comment, so I know. If you love the tedious screeds of polemic, let me know!

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