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What’s most important to me in the world

December 26, 2004

OK, I lead a pretty public life and don’t have many secrets. I think the best way to keep people from finding out terrible things about you is to publish them on your blog first. So I tell quite a lot.

But mostly I write about what’s going on in my head. I really struggle to write about my heart, and also my spirit.

So now’s the time to stretch that muscle and write a little something about what’s most important to me. Her name is Talitha, and for want of a better word, she’s my girlfriend – though that doesn’t do her justice.

She came to live with me a year and a half ago in Kalk Bay (as a housemate), and we slowly got to know each other and fall in love.

Now I’ve had the good fortune to be in relationships with some truly exceptional women (take a bow, Sarah), but I have really never met another human being like Talitha. She is quite simply the best person on earth – at least for me. She has levels of emotional honesty that most people can only dream of. She is compassionate, intelligent, a talented painter, excellent at massage and absolutely mind blowing in bed.

And she’s been away for 5 months.

One of the things that makes our relationship special is that we agreed never to hold each other back, to always help each other to grow in whatever direction we need to go – even if it is painful, and means parting. Because we want to be real partners, not just a couple living together because it beats being alone.

If you love some one, you want for them what they want for themselves.

And she wanted to go travelling, so off she went, leaving me in Kalk Bay. She hasn’t come back yet, so it looks like I’ll need to follow her if I want to be with her. And I do. With her, life is wonderful. She is my home, where ever I am in the world.

So that means that as soon as I get the money, I am going to go and join her in London.
I have already given up the lease on the lovely cottage I love so much, and I’m giving away much of what I own.

Foolishly, blindly, romantically, I am going to follow her, to the ends of the Earth if need be, to ask her to ‘live with me and be my love’.

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