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Let’s get drunk and naked

December 24, 2004

Went to the best party ever last night (thanks Alan and Steve). It was a boa party – all invited, no one gets in without a feather boa. Something about these that just brings out the debauched Blue Angel Berlin nightclub 1930 vibe in even the most innocent of people.
Needless to say, a great time was had by all: ain’t nothin’ wrong with a little bump and grind….

 Abs Fab

Recently I’ve begun playing a new role at parties, which I like to think of as being the pied piper of debauchery. In other words, getting everyone drunk and naked. If, like me, you don’t have any inhibitions left to shed, the drunk part is unneccessary, but most people need a little Dutch courage.

Al & Jo

Actually, this is not just perversity on my part, it’s ideologically motivated. I believe, with Wilhelm Reich, that most of us are deeply repressed and neurotic, especialy with regard to our sexuality, our primal energetic connection to the universe. In order to heal, and be powerful human beings, we need to liberate ourselves. So what I try to do is create a space where people feel they have ‘permission’ to do the things that deep down they really want to, but feel to shy to express. It needs to feel both dangerous and safe, if that contradication makes sense.

Albert & Walton

Living as I do in Kalk Bay, my favourite way is to get as many people as possible to go skinny dipping in the sea. It sounds like no big deal, but firstly, getting naked with other people – often strangers – is difficult, but empowering once you get over yourself and realise that nudity is your natural state and feeling uncomfortable is a ridiculous symptom of repression. Secondly, naked or clothed, diving into cold, dark sea water in the moonlight is pretty intense too. For me, water represents the emotional world, and black water the unexpressed wells of emotion inside us. Diving into it, naked and primal, is therapeutic – at least for me and the Windsor Road Massiv.

Walton & Ben
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