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Go Open Source

December 21, 2004

Like most people, I’ve used Microsuck products ever since I started using computers, basically because there wasn’t an option. I’m a driver, not a mechanic, an ordinary user of computers. I can’t program, and the alternatives to MS have always seemed too esoteric.
But I’ve wanted to move to open source software on principle for a long time. Gradually, I’ve been able to do that, firstly with software from . But recently I have downloaded the open source browser Firefox and the email program Thunderbird, both from Mozilla . They are free, and way better than Internet Explorer and Outlook. Do yourself a favour – download and start using them today. Firefox blocks ads and popups, and you can download all sorts of cool extensions. Thunderbird is a lot more resistant to spam and viruses than Outlook. And all of it is user friendly enough for a technological illiterate like me to be able to use.
Ditch Bill Gates crappy software and join the commons.

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  1. Rhys Wynne permalink
    December 22, 2004 12:53 pm

    Hi Walton. I like like your comment “I’m a driver not a mechanic”, that’s exactly how i feel. I’ve known about OPen Source for a while, but never took the plunge as it were, until last night where I attended a local Linux User’s group and was given a free CD. I’ve already installed AbiWord and it’s great. Another advantage Open Source has over Microsoft is that a wide range of applications are available in Welsh and that you can switch languages – this is very improtant for me. The funny thing is that having realised this Microsoft have ‘in association with a Quango called the Welsh Language Board” just released a half hashed up Welsh language pack. Open Source has been available in Welsh for some time thanks to volunteers and screenshots can be viewed at (‘Swyddfa’ is Office and ‘Rhyngrwyd’ is Internet) if your interested.

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