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I Live in Heaven

December 20, 2004
Pool at the Brass Bell

I live in Kalk Bay, a beautiful seaside village about 30 km outside Cape Town. It has a small working harbour, a beautiful mountain behind the village, charming antique shops as well as cafes, restaurants and bars.
All of that is lovely. But nothing beats the beach. Once again, I spent the day on Danger Beach. Want to know why I don’t update my blog more often? It’s because I am on the beach!

Danger Beach

Danger is a great beach because it is dangerous. There is a powerful rip tide that sucks you out if you are not careful, not to mention the constant patrol of Great White sharks. But everytime you go to the beach, it’s different, and the waves are wild, and no respecter of persons: they pick you up and slam you against the bottom of the sea. Which means that the tourists and holiday hoardes stay away, and only the locals, those with a real respect for the sea, venture into the water. I see the same slackers on the beach everyday.
And the people here are great. Technically, I live in a city – but where else in a city do you know all the people in your street – the People’s Republic of Windsor Road – socialise with them regularly, and go for regular midnight skinny dips in the sea?

Windsor Road  Massiv

We’re declaring our street a temporary autonomous zone on new years’ eve, and shutting it off with a 1960 burnt orange Borgward (that’s a badass East German car). We’ve hired a juke box, as soon as everyone is drunk enough we’re going to get naked and brave the sea together! Shark hunting with a sharp stick….Survivor: Kalk Bay.

Windsor Road
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