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Fuck the ANC

September 6, 2004

When the poor rise up, they will rise against us all.” Attributed to Thabo Mbeki

How many of its own citizens does the State need to shoot before we admit that they have become the enemy?

I am sick of hearing well-meaning, nice, progressive people accuse me of ultra-leftist negativity when I say we should turn on the ANC. They point out the very many nice, progressive people in government – many of them personal friends – and mention the constraints of globalisation. .

I’ll be the first to concede that having Thabo and friends in power is a damn sight better than having to choose between Bush and Kerry. So our leaders are better than most. Does that mean we need to be happy with their failings? And how is it that people fail to see the Stalinism, the increasing ‘Zanufication’ of the party? (Zanu-PF is Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe’s party – many ANC leaders express admiration for his thuggish behaviour).

Anyone who has read the creepy statements of outgoing Youth League president Malusi Gigaba, as well as kept an eye on official ANC statements and what is published online at ANC Today cannot fail to see this.

And if you have ever actually attempted to participate in any political activity not sanctioned by big brother, chances are you have been threatened with violence by ANC thugs. Carrying the wrong banner at a strike? Sorry for you, comrade.

Frankly, I am tired of seeing those kleptocrats – are any of them not corrupt? – glut themselves on our resources, and tell us there isn’t enough money for development. I don’t think there’s any kind of excuse for that. And when the poor protest, they get visited by National Intelligence agents, locked up, bothered with bail conditions which are like apartheid era bannings, tortured, intimidated and even shot.

But it is not my intention in this article to cite the litany of ANC ‘crimes against the people’. I will leave that to people who feel the bitter cut of betrayal more deeply than I do, who were a little less cynical to start with.

But it is worth mentioning a few things. The ANC was crowing earlier this year over what seemed like an election triumph. The party did really well at the polls – compared to the other parties. But when you do the maths (how many didn’t register to vote, how many registered but didn’t vote), only 38% of eligible voters actually went to the polls and put their cross next to ‘ANC’. And how many did that only because the opposition is getting increasingly bolshie, and one thing worse than an ANC government is a government of any of the other parties.

But being best of a bad lot isn’t much to write home about – especially when just 10 years ago you were the hope of the world.

So, last week Black, working class township dwellers – the ANC’s core constituency – in Harrismith in the Free State rose up in protest against the failure of the government to deliver on its promises. How did our government respond? Why, it sent in the police, of course, who opened fire and shot dead a teenager. And it’s not long since Marcel King was shot by a council security guard in Durban, during a protest against water cut offs.

What is most sickening is the cynicism of the party – whenever people protest against something the government does, the ANC is inclined to join the protest, pretending that it is fighting those same old ‘untransformed’ elements. In the meantime, it has embraced them.

So fuck them. We need to do away with them, and replace them with reliable, recallable servants of the people – people we can mandate to do what is needed to meet people’s needs.

Phansi, ANC Phansi.

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