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Poem – Writers’ Block

May 30, 2004

just the sum total

of all experience

not new

or unique

i shift and distill words


and paste

express nothing new

reiterate reinterpret recuperate

the Human Experience


for a different

or the same


who cares anyway

if my words quiver with meaning

or melt

lifeless from the page

and into the mud

if they blow

aimless like dust

all words are lies

all feelings

felt before

and before and before

and endlessly back and down

onward and outward

eternally mundane, done

declared and proclaimed


poets more eloquent than i

actors more passionate more brave

christs more immense in their suffering

all been said before felt before by god even

done before

so much better than i

and yet still

this urge this

strange urge to





through the sterile medium of ink on page

pixel on screen

thought manifest in symbol

heart in word

imperfect, yet


to be human

through these words

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